4 cool new projects to try in COPR for March 2021

COPR is anbspcollectionnbspof personal repositories for software that isnt carried in Fedora. Some software doesnt conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedora standards despite being free and open-source. COPR can offer these projects outside the Fedora set of packages. Software in COPR isnt supported by Fedora infrastructure or signed by the project. However it can be a neat way to try new or experimental software.

This article presents a few new and interesting projects in COPR. If youre new to using COPR see thenbspCOPR User Documentationnbspfor how to get started.

Ytfzfnbspis a simple command-line tool for searching and watching YouTube videos. It provides a fast and intuitive interface built around fuzzy find utilitynbspfzf. It usesnbspyoutube-dlnbspto download selected videos and opens an external video player to watch them. Because of this approachnbspytfzfnbspis significantly less resource-heavy than a web browser with YouTube. It supports thumbnails vianbspueberzug history saving queueing multiple videos or downloading them for later channel subscriptions and other handy features. Thanks to tools likenbspdmenunbspornbsprofi it can even be used outside the terminal.


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