4 cool new projects to try in COPR from October 2020

COPR is a collection of personal repositories for softwarethat isnt carried in Fedora. Some software doesnt conform tostandards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedorastandards despite being free and open-source. COPR can offer theseprojects outside the Fedora set of packages. Software in COPR isntsupported by Fedora infrastructure or signed by the project. Howeverit can be a neat way to try new or experimental software.

This article presents a few new and interesting projects in COPR. Ifyoure new to using COPR see the COPR User Documentationfor how to get started.

Dialect translates text to foreign languages using Google Translate. It remembers your translation history and supports features such as automatic language detection and text to speech. The user interface is minimalistic and mimics the Google Translate tool itself so it is really easy to use.

The repo currently provides Dialect for Fedora 33 and FedoraRawhide. To install it use these commands.


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