5 Tweaks to Customize the Look of Your Linux Terminal

The terminal emulator or simply the terminal is an integral part of any Linux distribution. .

When you change the theme of your distribution often the terminal also gets a makeover automatically. But that doesn8217t mean you cannot customize the terminal further.

In fact many It8217s FOSS readers have asked us how come the terminal in our screenshots or videos look so cool what fonts do we use etc.

To answer this frequent question I8217ll show you some simple and some complex tweaks to change the appearance of the terminal. You can compare the visual difference in the image below.

This tutorial utilizes a GNOME terminal on PopOS to customize and tweak the look of the terminal. But most of the advice should be applicable to other terminals as well.

For most of the elements like color transparency and fonts you can utilize the GUI to tweak it without requiring to enter any special commands.


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