6 Essential Things To Do After Installing Manjaro Linux

So you just did a fresh installation of Manjaro Linux. Now what.

Here are a few essential post installation steps I recommend you to follow.

Quite honestly these are the things I prefer to do after installing Manjaro. Yours could differ depending on your need.

I am using Manjaro Xfce edition but the steps are applicable to other desktop variants of Manjaro as well.

Before even updating your system I suggest to sort out your mirror list first. When refreshing the Manjaro system and downloading software from repositories an optimized mirror list can have noticeable performance impact to the system. .

Open the Terminal emulator and type the following command.

Keeping your system up-to-date reduces the chances of security vulnerabilities. Refreshing your system repository is also a recommended thing to do before installing new software. .

You can update your Manjaro system by running the following command.


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