Add storage to your Fedora system with LVM

Sometimes there is a need to add another disk to your system. This is where Logical Volume Management LVM comes in handy. The cool thing about LVM is that its fairly flexible. There are several ways to add a disk. This article describes one way to do it.

This article does not cover the process of physically installing a new disk drive into your system. Consult your system and disk documentation on how to do that properly. .

Important Always make sure you have backups of important data. The steps described in this article will destroy data if it already exists on the new disk.

This article doesn8217t cover every LVM feature deeply the focus is on adding a disk. But basically LVM has volume groups made up of one or more partitions andor disks. You add the partitions or disks as physical volumes. A volume group can be broken down into many logical volumes. Logical volumes can be used as any other storage for filesystems ramdisks etc. More information can be found here.


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