After TSMC, Intel May be Edging Closer to Samsung for Collaboration

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Intel’s revamped IDM 2.0 strategy has seen the company revise its stance in both in-house and outsourced silicon fabrication. While we’re already seeing the fruits of Intel’s collaboration with TSMC (albeit at the relatively slow pace of introduction for Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics), it seems that Intel is willing to go much farther than just TSMC as a source of chips for its product portfolio.

That’s the backdrop to which Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently took a trip to South Korea’s capital of Seoul. According to the Korea Herald, Gelsinger met several key Samsung executives, including Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, co-CEO and chip business boss Kyung Kye-hyun, and head of Samsung Mobile Roh Tae-moon. More than enough executive grunt to ignite talks of a deepening collaboration between both companies. While the reporting source doesn’t provide any quotes or actionable intel from the meeting, Samsung remains one of the key semiconductor manufacturers alongside Intel itself and TSMC, with a particularly strong portfolio in memory-related technologies.

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