Akraino: An Open Source Project for the Edge

Akraino is an open-source project designed for the Edge community to easily integrate open source components into their stack. Its a set of open infrastructures and application blueprints spanning a broad variety of use cases including 5G AI Edge IaaSPaaS IoT for both provider and enterprise Edge domains. We sat down with Tina Tsou TSC Co-Chair of the Akraino project to learn more about it and its community.

Here is a lightly edited transcript of the interview.

Swapnil Bhartiya Today we have with us Tina Tsou TSC Co-Chair of the Akraino project. Tell us a bit about the Akraino project.

Tina Tsou Yeah I think Akraino is an Edge Stack project under Linux Foundation Edge. Before Akraino the developers had to go to the upstream community to download the upstream software components and integrate in-store to test. With the blueprint ideas and concept the developers can directly do the use-case base to blueprint do all the integration and have it ready for the end-to-end deployment for Edge.


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