AMD Ryzen 7000-Series Likely to Launch On or Before the 4th of August

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Courtesy of Planet 3DNow! we now know when AMD will be launching the Ryzen 7000-series of CPU’s, as the site posted about an upcoming AMD event called Meet the Experts on Twitter. The event registration page reads "Supporting the recent launch of AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors," which suggests that the new Ryzen 7000-series is likely to launch on or before the 4th of August. The event takes place at 11:00 in the morning, CET (Central Daylight Time) or 16:00 UTC.

The event will showcase motherboards from AMD’s partners and representatives from ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI will be attending the online event. There’s still no mention of the B650E chipset, but apparently X670E and X670 products will be shown, but not even B650 at this point. Based on the short summary blurb, we’re also likely to see a PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD being shown off. AMD will obviously have a separate launch event for the Ryzen 7000-series, but if that will take place on the same day, or on a different date, is unknown at this point.

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