AMD set to Open Manufacturing Plant in Malaysia in Early 2023

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AMD’s Malaysian subsidiary, TF AMD Microelectronics is in the middle of the construction of a US$452 million manufacturing plant on the island of Penang off the west coast of Malaysia. The facility itself is said to cover 139,000 square metres and is said to create some 3,000 jobs related to advanced semiconductor engineering. The new plant will bring AMD’s total manufacturing space in Penang to 210,000 square metres, as the company already has a prior facility on the island.

The plant will allow AMD to expand the chip packaging side of its business, something that is going to be key for many of its future products, considering AMD appears to be focusing on manufacturing a wider range of chips that are made up from multiple chiplets. The TF in the name stands for TongFu, which is a Chinese IC assembly and testing company that AMD has partnered up with. The current plant does everything from wafer sorting to wafer level chip scale packaging to final testing and AMD chips made in Malaysia would have been assembled here.

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