It8217s not surprising that the malware industry is using the pandemic to spread its own viruses. Both COVID and malware are infecting people in exponential numbers. The newest malware TangleBot targets Android users by pretending to be helpful messages about COVID. It8217s one virus using another.

The TangleBot malware hits Android devices in the U.S. and Canada with SMS messages about COVID. If the messages are successful at spreading the malware it can send more text messages from the infected device make and block phone calls and perhaps the most frightening overlay screens over apps.

Security firm Cloudmark discovered one fake message that read 8220New regulations about COVID-19 in your region. Read here.8221 Another said 8220You have received the appointment for the 3rd dose. For more information visit 82308221 Both are said to be sent from TangleBot.

The malware was named TangleBot because there are several levels of tangling up your device. It can even steal your financial credentials with the screen overlay8230 Read more.


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