Announcing MAAS 3.1: bare metal cloud gets easier

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We are happy to announce that MAAS 3.1 has been released. Bare metal provisioning just got even easier! MAAS 3.1 brings some of the most frequently-requested features into the product. A lot of this is serendipity — or maybe you could say that it’s about like minds tracking the same problem. Either way, we’re doing our best to provide features that match our users’ needs, as soon as we possibly can.

In any case, the details of these features are a little big for one blog, so we’ll be taking a detailed look at one feature a week over the next seven or eight weeks (not counting the Christmas break). In this introductory blog, we’ll be introducing these requested features and linking you to more information in the product documentation.

Ability to enlist deployed machines Users can enlist deployed machines, a top feature poll request

MAAS is a great bare metal provisioning system, but what happens when you’ve already provisioned a server, and it’s already running a workload? When adding a machine, MAAS network boots the machine into an ephemeral environment to collect hardware information. This doesn’t work for machines that are already running a workload:

You might not be able to disrupt the workload in order to network boot it. The machine would be marked as Ready, not Deployed, which is incorrect.

With MAAS 3.1, you may specify that the machine is already deployed. It won’t be commissioned, but it will be marked as “Deployed”.  In


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