Another Episode of “Seems Perfectly Feasible and Then Dies”–Script to Simplify the Process of Changing System Call Tables

David Howells put in quite a bit of work on a to simplify the entire process of changing thesystem call tables. With this script it was a simple matter to add removerename or renumber any system call you liked. The script also would resolvegitconflicts in the event that two repositories renumbered the system calls inconflicting ways.

Why did David need to write this patch Why weren8217t system calls already fairlyeasy to manage When you make a system call you add it to a master list and thenyou add it to the system call 8220tables8221 which is where the running kernel looks upwhich kernel function corresponds to which system call number. Kernel developersneed to make sure system calls are represented in all relevant spots in the sourcetree. Renaming renumbering and making other changes to system calls involves alot of fiddly little details. David8217s script simply would do everythingrightendof story no problemo hasta la vista.


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