ASRock is Expected to Launch Multiple Gaming Monitors

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Several new ASRock products have passed through the KCC, which is the Korean equivalent of the FCC and normally this would be a new motherboard or maybe some small form factor system, but surprisingly enough, we’re looking at gaming monitors. The leak comes courtesy of @momomo_us who’s dug up a lot of juicy details on two of the models, whereas we only know the basic specs for the other models. First up, we have the PG34WQ15R, which is a 34-inch curved VA display with a 3440×1440 resolution. It supports FreeSync Premium and has a refresh rate range of 48 to 165 Hz over DisplayPort and 48-100 Hz over HDMI, which seems to be a HDMI 1.4 limitation. The next model is the PG27FF, which is a regular 1080p IPS display that also supports FreeSync Premium, here with a refresh rate range of 48 to 165 Hz over both DP and HDMI. There appears to be multiple sub SKUs of this model, but all start with PG27F.

Then we have the PG32QF, which should be a flat 32-inch display, with unknown specs, but the Q in the model name suggests that it’s a 1440p monitor. Finally we have the PG42U, where the U in the model name suggests it’s a 4K 42-inch display. The stand looks nearly identical to the one ASUS uses for its ROG Strix XG43UQ 4K screen and the specs are likely to be quite similar too, which means we might see support for 144 Hz or higher refresh rates. All four displays are manufactured by TPV Technology, which produces its own monitors under the AOC, Envision and Philips brands. It’s unknown when these new monitors from ASRock will launch, but considering they’ve passed through certification, it’s highly likely that they’ll turn up sometime later this year.

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