Auto-Updating containers can be very useful in some cases. Podman provides mechanisms to take care of container updates automatically. This article demonstrates how to use Podman Auto-Updates for your setups.

Podman is a daemonless Docker replacement that can handle rootfull and rootless containers. It is fully aware of SELinux and Firewalld. Furthermore it comes pre-installed with Fedora Linux so you can start using it right away.

If Podman is not installed on your machine use one of the following commands to install it. Select the appropriate command for your environment.

Podman is also available for many other Linux distributions like CentOS Debian or Ubuntu. Please have a look at the Podman Install Instructions.

Updating the Operating System on a regular basis is somewhat mandatory to get the newest features bug fixes and security updates. But what about containers These are not part of the Operating System.


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