I run Linux8230or does it run me Some computing paradigms are so ubiquitous so ingrained we rarely stop to think that things could work another way. When such a realization comes we can exercise our freedom one of Fedora8217s four foundations to improve the user experience. For that sentiment to be more than clich I needed to re-imagine the idea of the default printer and how it gets set. This article presents that implementation.

My printing needs are simple. Ill occasionally print a few sheets of music from lilypond a coupon from a web site or a page of account information that Im supposed to retain on file for tax purposes. Selecting a printer only figures into it when I install an operating system from scratch or when I replace my printer. Otherwise Im using my default and only printer.

My sons printing needs are quite different. He brought home a specialty label printer that a neighbor had put out on the curb as trash. The challenge of rehabilitating this esoteric device and getting it to work with Linux was irresistible. And he pulled it off That printer was soon joined by another then another. Used label printers parts and large rolls of label stock from eBay started arriving. Soon he was taking orders from paying customers for novelty and custom labels all driven by CUPS with free fonts GIMP Inkscape and home-grown scripts.


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