As the title implies this article will be covering Bash Shell Scripting at a beginner level. I8217m not going to review the history of Bash but there are many resources to fill you in or you can visit the GNU project at httpswww.gnu.orgsoftwarebash. We will start out with understanding some very basic concepts and then start to put things together. .

The first thing to do is create a script file. First make sure the home directory is the current directory.

In the home directory create the example file. This can be named anything but will be used in this article.

From this point there will be a file called in your home directory. Verify it exists and also notice the privileges for that file are -rw-rw-r8211 by typing the following.

There is one more thing that needs to be done to get started. Let8217s try and execute the script with nothing written in it. Type the following.


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