Best Password Managers For Linux

Internet is the need of the hour. Everyone is trying to get on the Internet for making life easier for themselves and their loved ones. Today nearly 60 of the World8217s population uses the Internet. Nearly 875000 new Internet users connect to the Internet every day.

Each new user starts creating new accounts the moment heshe gets on the Internet. Facebook Gmail Instagram and what not In a period of a few weeks a user can have more than a hundred accounts. Each account is locked with a usernameemail and password.

It is difficult to remember hundreds of passwords. So users often use the same password in all accounts without knowing the risk of losing all their accounts.

From phishing attacks and sending malware in an email hackers try all advanced attacks to trick users into exposing their username and password. On the other hand the services that we sign up on using the same password are at constant risk of leaking users8217 data. Just one vulnerability is enough to lose all users8217 data into hackers8217 hands.


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