Best Torrent Clients For Linux

Torrenting is one of the fastest methods for downloading large files. Usually downloading large files directly from the host server is slow especially when a lot of users are downloading that file.

For software developers providing software through the host server is costly as it requires developers to upgrade the server resources as the users increase.

When users are downloading files through torrents software developers do not have to worry about server resources because the files are automatically served to the users in pieces through the nearest users who have already downloaded that file.

Today many popular software are available to download through torrent clients. Downloading through torrent is faster for users because the pieces of files are being served to them from the nearest users who have already downloaded that file.

Its not. Many assume that torrents are illegal because its only used to download illegal content. In simple terms torrenting is a method to distribute large files to users and anyone can use torrents for downloading their favorite content provided by the content creators.


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