Break free from the doomscroll with Pocket

Last year a new phrase crept into the zeitgeist doomscrolling the tendency to get stuck in a bad news content cycle even when consuming it makes us feel worse. Thats no surprise given that 2020 was one for the books with an unrelenting flow of calamitous topics from the pandemic to murder hornets to wild fires. Even before we had a name for it and real life became a Nostradamus prediction it was all too easy to fall into the doomscroll trap. Many content recommendation algorithms are designed to keep our eyeballs glued to a screen potentially leading us into more questionable extreme or ominous territory.

Pocket the content recommendation and saving service from Mozilla offers a brighter view inviting readers to take a different direction with high-quality content and an interface that isn8217t designed to trap you or bring you down. You can get great recommendations and also save content to your Pocket both in the app and through Firefox every time you open a new tab in the browser. Pocket doesnt send you down questionable rabbit holes or bombard you with a deluge of depressing or anxiety-producing content. Its recommendations are vetted by thoughtful dedicated human editors who do a lot of reading and watching so you dont have to dig through the muck.


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