Btrfs Coming to Fedora 33

by Chris Murphy and Langdon White.

User data is the most important thing on a computer. Whether its source code for the next big release family pictures a music library or anything else you want it to be safe. Changing the default file system is not a change to make casually. The Fedora Project is changing the default file system for desktop variants Fedora Workstation Fedora KDE etc for the first time since Fedora 11. Btrfs will replace ext4 as the default filesystem in Fedora 33.

Btrfs is a stable and mature file system with modern features data integrity optimizations for SSDs compression cheap writable snapshots multiple device support and more.

The switch to Btrfs will use a single-partition disk layout and Btrfs built-in volume management. The previous default layout placed constraints on disk usage that can be a difficult adjustment for novice users. Btrfs solves this problem by avoiding it.


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