Build and Deploy Hyperledger Fabric on Azure Cloud Platform- Part 1

By Matt Zand and Abhik Banerjee.

Here is an outline of topics covered in this article series.

Azure cloud for Blockchain ApplicationsFabric Marketplace Template versus Manual ConfigurationsDeploy Orderer and Peer OrganizationsSetting Up the Development EnvironmentSetting Up Configurations for Orderer and PeerSetting Up Pods and Volume Mounts for DevelopmentCreate A ChannelAdding Peer to Network Channel and NodesDeploying and Operating Chaincode.

This series is divided into 3 parts.

In the first part we cover item 1 2 3 of the outline. In the second part we will cover items 4 5 and 6 and in the last part we will cover the remaining items 7 8 and 9.

By finishing this article series you will gain and be able to put Hyperledger Fabric skills into practice through creating and deploying Fabric applications on Azure cloud platforms. As such this article covers highly practical steps for those interested in moving their Fabric application from the pilot step to production. We start off by reviewing the Azure cloud platform and its features and follow with hands-on steps for building and deploying Fabric applications on Azure.


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