Build smaller containers

Working with containers is a daily task for many users and developers. Container developers often need to rebuild container images frequently. If you develop containers have you ever thought about reducing the image size Smaller images have several benefits. They require less bandwidth to download and they save costs when run in cloud environments. Also using smaller container images on Fedora CoreOS IoT and Silverblue improves overall system performance because those operating systems rely heavily on container workflows. This article will provide a few tips for reducing the size of container images.

The host operating system in the following examples is Fedora Linux 33. The examples use Podman 3.1.0 and Buildah 1.2.0. Podman and Buildah are pre-installed in most Fedora Linux variants. If you don8217t have Podman or Buildah installed run the following command to install them.

Begin with a basic example. Build a web container meeting the following requirements.


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