Bypassing Deep Packet Inspection: Tunneling Traffic Over TLS VPN

In some countries network operators employ deep packet inspection techniques to block certain types of traffic. For example Virtual Private Network VPN traffic can be analyzed and blocked to prevent users from sending encrypted packets over such networks.

By observing that HTTPS works all over the world configured for an extremely large number of web-servers and cannot be easily analyzed the payload is usually encrypted we argue that in the same manner VPN tunneling can be organized By masquerading the VPN traffic with TLS or its older version 8211 SSL we can build a reliable and secure network. Packets which are sent over such tunnels can cross multiple domains which have various strict and not so strict security policies. Despite that the SSH can be potentially used to build such network we have evidence that in certain countries connections made over such tunnels are analyzed statistically If the network utilization by such tunnels is high bursts do exist or connections are long-living then underlying TCP connections are reset by network operators.


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