Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 hits GA

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The Kubernetes crew at Canonical is delighted to announce that Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 is now generally available. The team is committed to releasing in tandem with upstream so our users and customers can benefit from the latest features and improvements as soon as they become available. This blog is a quick introduction to Canonical Kubernetes and the top features available in release 1.23.

What is Canonical Kubernetes?

Canonical Kubernetes is an umbrella term for all of Canonical’s Kubernetes products and services. Canonical has two CNCF-certified Kubernetes distributions, MicroK8s and Charmed Kubernetes, to address small/streamlined and large/complex cluster deployments. We are also a Certified Kubernetes Service Provider (CKSP) and provide enterprise support and consulting services based on our two distributions, as well as kubeadm-based deployments.

MicroK8s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution that has all you need to right from the start – like a new toy with batteries included. Its ease of setup and use allows developers to rapidly become productive on their local workstations, and helps businesses build edge Kubernetes architectures or deliver containers at the edge by embedding MicroK8s into their solution.

Charmed Kubernetes is an enterprise-scale, composable Kubernetes for multi-cloud deployments. Charmed K8s leverages the model-driven operations approach, which offers straightforward cluster lifecycle management and compatibility with cloud services as well as legacy application architectures.

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.23 release

All upstream Kubernetes 1.23 features are available in MicroK8s and Charmed Kubernetes. Additionally, the following features are new in Canonical Kubernetes 1.23. For the full list


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