Cloud-optimized Linux kernels – what makes Ubuntu the top OS across the clouds

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Ubuntu is the platform of choice for deploying and running workloads on public clouds. No other operating system gives you better performance and consistency of experience across public clouds, including Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle. There is a reason behind this exceptional experience. By design, Ubuntu images in public clouds include an optimized Linux kernel for each cloud, giving you the best performance and functionality across all instance types and services. At the same time, Ubuntu integrates with cloud-native tooling, enabling you to manage your fleet from the cloud’s dashboards.

How do these cloud-specific kernel optimizations actually look in practice? Let’s do a deep dive on the optimizations Ubuntu enables on public clouds.

Ubuntu Pro vs. Ubuntu on the cloud

The cloud environment has very interesting properties, as it blurs the traditional notion of the security perimeter to a more complex security posture. Ubuntu has proven itself capable of running production workloads securely for many small and large organizations; however, organisations applying the zero-trust model need, among others, to comply with rigorous security profiles. Ubuntu Pro on public clouds brings enterprise lifecycle, kernel livepatching, CIS compliance automation tooling, FIPS 140 certified cryptography, and daily refreshed images that contain all the latest patches and security updates, enabling secure workflows and practices everywhere without an Ubuntu Advantage subscription.

Cloud-optimized Linux kernels

The generic Ubuntu kernels contain a huge number of hardware-specific drivers for every possible audio card, mouse, video display, and other peripherals that are not present in a cloud


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