Communication by example: Which methods do high-performing open source communities use?

Although effective communication is an essential life skill it is the most critical element in any business 2. Lack of accurate communication is the common cause of any organizations issues causing conflicts reducing client relationships team effectiveness and profitability 2. According to the Project Management Institute PMI ineffective communication is the main contributor to project failure one-third of the time. It has a negative impact on project success more than half of the time 1.

In open source projects where there is a diverse and world spread community effective communication is the key to projects8217 success. Using the right technology is crucial for that. So which tools do open source communities use for communication.

The Ubuntu community uses mailing lists for development and team coordination. The mailing lists are split into announcements and news support development testing and quality assurance and general such as translation marketing and documentation 3. Despite the mailing lists IRC Internet Relay Chat channels are used for informal daily chats and short-term coordination tasks 3. If someone wants to know what is going on on Ubuntu but doesn8217t want to subscribe to the high traffic mailing list the web forum can be used to get support and discuss the future of Ubuntu. Finally Ask Ubuntu can be used to ask technical questions.


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