Comparing uptime performance monitoring tools: StatusCake vs Freshping vs UptimeRobot

When you host your own website on a Virtual Private Server or on a DigitalOcean droplet you want to know if your website is down and receive a warning when that happens. Plus its fun to see the uptime graphs and the performance metrics. Did you know these services are available for free .

I will compare 3 SaaS vendors who offer uptime performance monitoring tools. Of course you dont get the full functionality for free. There are always limitations as these vendors like you to upgrade to a premium paid account. But for an enthousiast website having access to these free basic options is already a big win.

I also need to address the elephant in the room Pingdom. This is the golden standard of uptime performance monitoring tools. However you will pay at least 440 per year for the privilege. That is a viable option for a small business. Not for an enthousiast like myself. .


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