Complete Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes Cluster Deployment on CentOS (and Other Linux)

I hope you are acquainted with the basic Kubernetes terms like node service cluster because I am not going to explain those things here.

This is a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to deploy a production-ready Kubernetes cluster. .

Production ready Yes the examples use a sample domain so if you own a domain you may configure it on public facing infrastructure. You may also use it for local testing. It8217s really up to you.

I have used CentOS Linux in the examples but you should be able to use any other Linux distributions. Except for the installation commands rest of the steps should be applicable to all.

I am going to use this simple cluster of one mastercontrol node and two worker nodes.

The tutorial is divided into two main parts.

The first part is basically prerequisite and deals with getting your machines ready by doing the following things.


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