Configure Fedora to practice and compose music

Using Fedora and Linux to produce and play music is now easy. Not that long ago it was a nightmare configuration was a complicated task and you needed to compile some applications yourself. The compatibility with electronic devices was the real story. But now we can see the end of the road. Playing music under Linux with Fedora is becoming user friendly.

Fedora has long been usable to play music because of the CCRMA repository. Moreover there also exists a Fedora Spin dedicated version Fedora Jam. And today you also have a COPR repository which I manage with a lot of stuff in it.

To install the Fedora CCRMA repository.

To install the LinuxMAO Fedora COPR repository.

There are still some minimal steps to follow before being able to efficiently use a musical application. First you will need to install the Jack audio connection kit and the qjackctl user interface.


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