Configure Mailtrap And Multiple Email Services in Laravel Applications

Laravel is an easy to understand PHP based framework. It makes writing complex features extremely easy sometimes just one function does it all. While the Laravel application is under development one might also need to test email functionality.

Emails play an important role in any application. With emails users can be notified of new app features available offers and security events. It is extremely important to test your emails before sending them to real customers. Mailtrap can be helpful for testing emails in the development or production phase.

Mailtrap is a service for testing emails in the development environment or sends test emails before you send them to real customers. It simulates the real SMTP server and delivers your emails from the localhost or staging website to a test email on mailtrap.

Once Mailtrap is set up developers can build functionality to allow marketing team to send emails to a mailtrap inbox to see how emails are rendered.


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