Consolidation of AI, ML and Date Projects at The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation consolidated its projects around AI ML amp Data by bringing them under the umbrella of the LF AI amp Data Foundation. Swapnil Bhartiya founder and host at sat down with Ibrahim Haddad Executive Director of LF AI amp Data to discuss this consolidation.

Transcript of the discussion.

Swapnil Bhartiya A lot of consolidation is happening within the Linux Foundation around AIML projects. Can you talk about what AIML amp data projects are there under the Linux Foundation umbrella right now.

Ibrahim Haddad So if you think of Linux Foundation it is kind of a foundation of foundations. There are multiple umbrella foundations. There8217s the CNCF Cloud Native Computing Foundation there8217s LF Edge there8217s the Hyperledger project automotive et cetera. And LF AI amp Data is one of these umbrella foundations. We share the same goal which is to accelerate the development of open-source projects and innovation. However we each do it in our specific domains.


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