Converting Multiple Markdown Files into HTML or Other Formats in Linux

Many times when I use Markdown I work on one file and when I8217m done with it I convert it to HTML or some other format. Occasionally I have to create a few files. When I do work with more than one Markdown file I usually wait until I have finished them before I convert them.

I use pandoc to convert files and it8217s possible convert all the Markdown files in one shot.

Markdown can convert its files to .html but if there8217s a chance that I will have to convert to other formats like epub pandoc is the tool to use. I prefer to use the command line so I will cover that first but you can also do this in VSCodium without the command line. I8217ll cover that too.

To get started quickly Ubuntu and other Debian distros can type the following commands in the terminal.


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