CyberDog: a four legged robot revolution with Ubuntu

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Late this year, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled CyberDog: a quadrupedal, experimental, open-source robot that the firm claims will improve the robot development environment and promote the development of the robot industry. Today, Canonical dives into the specifications of this four legged robot and discover how Ubuntu is helping the device become an open source technological platform.

Xiaomi has a clear vision for its product. As Huang Changjiang, PM at Xiaomi, explains, “CyberDog is developers’ technological partner from the future. It equips inhouse-made high-performance servo motors, high computing ability, with built-in AI for visual detection system and voice interaction system, supporting a variety of bionic motion gestures.”

CyberDog; features and benefits of the four legged robot
The CyberDog project is dedicated to building four legged robot development platforms. With the open-source development environment, Xiaomi aims to build and leverage community contribution and maintenance. As a result, the platform will benefit from a rich ecosystem of applications and compatibility with technologies used in the robotics domain. The ultimate goal for Xiaomi is to increase its technological leadership in the robotics industry. In return, Xiaomi is making available an affordable, state-of-the-art and easy-to-use robotics platform.

Let’s start with the price. Spot, the quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics, is the main competitor of CyberDog. It comes at a base price of $74,000 USD. Conversely, the base price for CyberDog is $1,540 USD. This affordable price will allow many research institutes and startups


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