Data centre networking: What is OVN?

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With the development of open source software-defined networking solutions, virtualisation took a progressively more important place in modern data centres. Concepts like virtual switching and routing became part of the data centre networking scene, with OVS as a pioneering example. Virtual switches nevertheless did initially miss very important networking features and standards, which hardware-based network devices already had – and which were proven and widely implemented. OVN came to represent those network features in virtual switching environments and address their extensibility across multi-host clusters. Let’s first take a closer look in order to understand what OVN is.

What is OVN?

OVN,  the  Open  Virtual  Network, is an open source project that was originally developed by the Open vSwitch (OVS) team at Nicira.

It complements the existing capabilities of OVS and provides virtual network abstractions,  such  as  virtual  L2 and L3 overlays, security groups, and DHCP services. Just like OVS, OVN was designed to support highly scalable and production-grade implementations. It provides an open approach to virtual networking capabilities for any type of workload on a virtualised platform (virtual machines and containers) using the same API.

OVN gives admins the control over network resources by connecting groups of VMs or


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