Data Pipelines Overview

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A Data Pipeline is a series of processes that collect raw data from various sources, filter the disqualified data, transform them into the appropriate format, move them to the places you want to store them, analyze them and finally present them to your audience.

As we can see from this chart, a data pipeline is analogous to a water flow: data flows from one stage to another while being processed and reshaped. And in some cases, data will be needed to loop back to previous stages or be processed multiple times in the same stage.

For example, a data pipeline may ingest log data from thousands of drones running on Ubuntu Core or ROS. Those logs could be written to Google Cloud Storage. You can then create a SQL database on your Virtual Machines. Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud will be a good operating system to host your PostgreSQL, the relational database management system that provides SQL querying language. Ubuntu Pro will ensure your PostgreSQL server gets security updates. These two command lines in Google Cloud Shell will help you launch a PostgreSQL server on Google Cloud:

$gcloud compute instances create [YOUR_MACHINE_NAME] –zone=[YOUR_ZONE] –machine-type=[YOUR_MACHINE_TYPE] –image=projects/ubuntu-os-pro-cloud/global/images/ubuntu-pro-2004-focal-v20210720

SSH into the machine:

$sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Let’s dive deeper into these four stages of the data pipeline: Ingestion, Transformation, Storage, and Analysis.


Ingestion is the process of bringing data into your working environment. You could either ingest all your data


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