Deploy and maintain applications with Charmed Operators

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Recently, I remembered a situation when I was in elementary school and visited a friend at his house. At some point, his mother wanted us to go to a neighbour and ask to borrow some eggs. We went a few houses down, opened the garden gate, entered through the door to the house, and arrived in the kitchen calling out for the person. But no one was at home, so we left and returned without eggs.

Keep your doors locked

It felt strange to enter a house with no person being at home. However, it was normal at that time not to lock doors, and probably it is still normal today in some areas. In contrast, most of us agree with locking all doors when out of the house. Usually we feel compelled to lock our doors – when at home, or leaving our cars, or when we’re the last person out of the office.

A friend of mine complained about applying software updates and noted: “Imagine if security issues would not be a problem, we could keep running our machines in their original configuration almost forever.” In fact, in a world without security threats, even the oldest machines with their software could keep running once properly set up. Maybe at some point, they would be replaced for other considerations, such as for saving energy or server space.

Updating is the routine

Unfortunately, we do not live in such a world. And, although engineers


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