DevOps vs Software Engineer: What's the Difference?

Software Engineers rule the IT planet. But during this era of DevOps DevOps Engineers have also quickly emerged as the backbone of the IT industry. .

Some of these DevOps Engineers are here in the industry with a fresh start while others have evolved from being Software Engineers themselves.

The roles and responsibilities of DevOps and Software Development overlaps in many areas so it is easier to get confused between the two.

Iaposll explain the difference between DevOps and Software Engineer. Before you look into these roles with an industrial point of view it is essential to learn these areas of expertise individually.

Let me quickly summarize the role of a DevOps.

DevOps is a continuous simplification process of maintaining a delicate balance among functionality usability and security of a software both in terms of its Development and Operations.

This simplification process that we speak of includes the continuous ensurement of both speed and efficiency. Interested in learning more on it. Have a look at this article on DevOps concept series.


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