Brief Dialect is a straightforward app that lets you translate between languages using web services. To explore more let us take a closer look.

While you can launch the web browser and directly use any translation service to get the job done a desktop app can sometimes come in handy.

Dialect is a simple translation app that utilizes web services to translate while giving you some extra abilities.

Dialect is primarily an app tailored for GNOME desktops but it should work fine with other desktop environments.

It lets you quickly translate languages along with a few extra options.

At its core it lets you choose between Google Translate or LibreTranslate as the translation service.

Even though LibreTranslate cannot come close to Google Translate8217s accuracy featuring it as an option to switch is an excellent addition. At least for some basic usage if a user does not want to utilize Google8217s services you have an alternative ready on your desktop.


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