Diátaxis, a new foundation for Canonical documentation

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Excerpt below:

Our on-going documentation transformation project aims to make our documentation the best it can possibly be – an exemplar of excellence for the industry. We’re working on four distinct pillars of documentation to achieve this. The first of these pillars is direction. It defines what is quality in documentation, and answers the question: what makes documentation good?

The principle that guides us in this is simple: good documentation serves the needs of its users. We are adopting the Diátaxis documentation framework to help us put this principle into practice.

Our direction

The Diátaxis framework is a light-weight and pragmatic approach to meeting users’ needs in a systematic way, by prescribing a core structure for technical documentation. It provides standards, and a methodology to guide us – it’s a map and a compass.

Direction is a good metaphor for our work in documentation. When you’re going somewhere, you need to have a clear idea of where you’re headed, even if you don’t necessarily know precisely what the final destination is. If you’re charting new territory, there might not even be a final destination. When you can’t plan the whole journey in advance you need to be prepared to adjust for changing circumstances and what you find along the way.

Still, your intended direction should be clear. At any given moment you need to be able to know which way you’re actually facing, and where you are. You need to know what’s between you


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