DNA Geometry with cadnano

This article introduces a tool you can use to work on three-dimensional DNA origami. The package is called cadnano and it8217s currentlybeing developed at the Wyss Institute. With this package you8217ll beable to construct and manipulate the three-dimensional representationsof DNA structures as well as generate publication-quality graphics ofyour work.

Because this software is research-based you won8217t likely findit in the package repository for your favourite distribution in whichcaseyou8217ll need to install it from the GitHubrepository.

Since cadnano is a Pythonprogram written to use the Qt framework you8217ll need to installsome packages first. For example in Debian-based distributions you8217llwant to run the following commands.

I found that installation was a bit tricky so I created a virtual Pythonenvironment to manage module installations.

Once you8217re in your activatedvirtualenv install the required Python modules with thecommand.

After those dependencies are installed grab the source code withthe command.


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