You might have heard of VPNs virtual private networks at some point and chalked them up to something only super techy people or hackers would ever use. At this point in the evolution of online life however VPNs have become more mainstream and anyone may have good reasons to use one. VPNs are beneficial for added security when youre connected to a public wifi network and you might also want to use a VPN at home when youre online as well. Here are five reasons to consider using a VPN at home.

Did you know that when you connect to the internet at home through your internet service provider ISP it can track what you do online Your ISP can see every site you visit and track things like how often you visit sites and how long youre on them. Thats rich personal and private information youre giving away to your ISP every time you connect to the internet at home. The good news is that a VPN at home can prevent your ISP from snooping on you by encrypting your traffic before the ISP can see it.


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