Do you own a connected device? Here’s why you should be wary of the Peloton lock issue.

A growing number of us have connected devices in our homes offices driveways and even our bodies. The convenience and fun of integrating a device with daily life is real but there havent been nearly enough conversations about who owns that data and how much consumers are letting big companies into their lives in unexpected ways. A current example Peloton.nbsp.

By now nearly everyone has heard of Peloton exercise bikes from the viral ad when they first launched to questions about the security on President Bidens bike. Pelotons popularity is largely tied to its design as a connected device with an extensive online community. Peloton also makes treadmills. Tragically a 6-year old was recently killed in an accident on one of these treadmills. Due to safety concerns Peloton issued a recall and added a feature called Tread Lock that requires a four-digit passcode to keep their treadmills from starting up for anyone without authorized access.


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