Docker Commands for Managing Container Lifecycle (Definitive Guide)

Knowing the various states of the Docker Container is essential for any serious Docker user.

Iaposll explain the container lifecycle and then show the Docker commands for each stage of the lifecycle.

But before you learn all those things letaposs revisit the concept of the container once more.

Most traditional definitions of containers go like this .

Containers are a form of operating system virtualization. While traditional hypervisor based virtualization requires separate kernels for separate VMs containers share the same host kernel and is therefore much more lightweight and faster to spin up.

The definition will differ from source to source but the gist is the same.

I find it boring and unnecessarily complicated. Iaposd like to use something different here to define containers.

Containers are a bunch of processes that are being cheated on.

Why do I say that Because containers are just a collection of processes sometimes just a single process. And these processes are being lied to about different resources of its host like networks process tree filesystem hostname etc. .


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