Dual Booting Ubuntu With Windows 10 Pro With BitLocker Encryption

I have written about dual booting Windows and Ubuntu in the past. The process has improved so much in the last few years. Ubuntu and other Linux play very well with secure boot and UEFI now.

So why I am I writing about installing Ubuntu with Windows 10 once again Because these days Windows 10 Pro version comes with BitLocker encryption and hence when you try to dual boot like normal it either refuses or creates issue.

I noticed it with my new Dell XPS 13. I bought the last Dell XPS in France and it was preinstalled with Ubuntu. Unfortunately Dell India had no option other than buying the Windows 10 version. In a way that8217s good because it helped me to write this tutorial.

To be honest dual booting with BitLocker encrypted disk is also not complicated. It just involves the extra step of disabling encryption before starting the dual boot and re-enable it after installing Linux.


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