While laptops have built-in keyboards they arent always great in terms of usability. If youre using a laptop and looking to ramp up your productivity consider getting an separate keyboard for your laptop that may suit your needs better. This review takes a look at the Epomaker NT68 Mechanical Keyboard designed to work effectively with your Windows or Apple devices.

The Epomaker NT68 Mechanical Keyboard comes in two flavors the Regular version and the Low Profile version. This review focuses on the latter. The product boasts a 68-key design and comes with a sleek ABS aluminum frame case.

The NT68 Low Profile I tested packs Gateron low profile switches and uses an ABS keycap material which helps keep the height of the keyboard lower. Both versions of the keyboard are hot-swappable and the Low Profile can be swapped with other 3pin Gateron low profile style switches Red Blue and Brown.


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