Digital reading is big business and with it comes a number of different formats. While PDF MOBI and more are all options the ePUB format is a widely-supported open format for ebooks that is important to understand. In this post we discuss the ePUB format in detail and show you show to open an ebook using the .epub extension.

The 8220Electronic Publication8221 ePUB file format is an open method of creating an ebook. It8217s been at the forefront of open standards for digital reading for more than a decade and is a vendor-independent standard for publishing digital books.

The format uses XHTML and CSS within the file to render pages which means it8217s a straightforward format for producing content. It combines with the Open Packing Format OPF to provide aspects such as a table of contents metadata and other ebook features.

Overall it8217s a flexible way to produce an ebook and it holds a number of benefits over other formats.


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