ESPlot: Open Source Software for Plotting Real-Time, High-Speed Signals For Embedded Systems

Confronted with the need of plotting high-speed or high number of data signals typically for embedded systems applications and real-time research engineers at the Saarland University Germany have developed their own software called ESPlot.

ESPlot communicates with microcontroller boards over a custom serial protocol. In applications where the microcontroller is executing a real-time process signals can be streamed to a computer in a synchronous way and data can be sent to the real-time process in an asynchronous way.

ESPlot allows recording and plotting signals to screen by means of time plots FFT plots and XY plots. .

ESPlot has been developed in Qt to support multi-platform and it is OpenGL hardware accelerated.

Since it has been designed to provide high performance it needs systems with a multicore CPU with 4GB RAM and a dedicated GPU supporting OpenGL 3.2.

Here are the main features of ESPlot.


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