e Android operating system is a privacy oriented Google-free mobile operating system fork of Lineage OS and was founded in mid-2018 by Gal Duval creator of Mandrake Linux now Mandriva Linux. .

Despite making Android an open source project in 2007 Google replaced some OS elements with proprietary software when Android gained popularity. e Foundation has replaced the proprietary apps and services with MicroG an open source alternative framework which minimizes tracking and device activity. .

It8217s FOSS received Fairphone 3 with e OS preinstalled an ethically created smartphone from the e Foundation. I used the device for a month before returning it to them and I am going to share my experience with this privacy device. I forgot to take screenshots so I8217ll be sharing the generic images from the official website.

Before I go any further let me clear that Fairphone 3 is not the only option to get e in your hands. The e foundation gives you a few smartphone options to choose if you are buying a device from them. .


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