Experts Attempt to Explain DevOps–and Almost Succeed

What is DevOps How does it relate to other ideas and methodologieswithin software development Linux Journal Deputy Editor and longtimesoftware developer Bryan Lunduke isn8217t entirely sure so he asks someexperts to help him better understand the DevOps phenomenon.

The word DevOps confuses me.

I8217m not even sure confuses me quite does justice to the pain Iexperienceright in the center of my brainevery time the word is uttered.

It8217s not that I dislike DevOps it8217s that I genuinely don8217t understand what intarnation it actually is. Let me demonstrate. What follows is the definitionof DevOps on Wikipedia as of a few moments ago.

DevOps is a set of software development practices that combine softwaredevelopment Dev and information technology operations Ops to shorten thesystems development life cycle while delivering features fixes and updatesfrequently in close alignment with business objectives.


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