Industry leaders come together to drive the growth of eBPF as a transformational technology to redefine networking security tracing and observability.

SAN FRANCISCO August 12 2021 The Linux Foundation the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source today announced that it is hosting the eBPF Foundation. Founding members include Facebook Google Isovalent Microsoft and Netflix. This comes in advance of the eBPF Summit a free and virtual event taking place August 18-19 2021.

eBPF allows developers to safely and efficiently embed programs in any piece of software including the operating system kernel. As a result eBPF is quickly becoming the method of choice for achieving a wide range of infrastructure use cases delivering significant efficiency and performance gains and dramatically reducing the complexity of the system. For example Facebook is using eBPF as the primary software-defined load balancer in its data centers and Google is using Cilium to bring eBPF-based networking and security to the managed Kubernetes offerings GKE and Anthos.


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